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Do you have a product or concept that you want to take to market but are unsure how to get started?  Then contact Bryan Sweeney for a free consultation.  With over 25 years industry experience, Bryan can help take the guesswork out of your next steps.


Strategy Planning

Planning and preparation is everything.  BSD has the hands-on experience to guide your company through the DRTV process and help build a winning campaign.


Maybe you only need a helping hand.  BSD can help as much or as little as you need to fit your budget and goals.  Contact us and ask how to get started.

P&L Modeling

Knowing your numbers is key.  BSD can build a P&L model to fit your product so you'll know where your break-even and allowables are.  Take out the guesswork.


Understanding your KPIs is vital to selling a product and running a business.  In order to gauge performance, you must know the targets.  

Media Management

We work with the best in class media agencies to manage your TV campaign.  Don't go it alone without an expert.

Order Fulfillment

Fulfillment is much more than shipping a box.  The analytics that come from an order processing system are vital.  BSD only works with the best and lowest cost vendor partners.


From IVR to trained sales agents, we've got you covered.  BSD has the experience to format your script and put you in the right program.

Debt Collections

While we hope this isn't an issue for your business, BSD will work with several collection agencies to put as much money back in your pocket as possible.


Search, Facebook, Google True View, Amazon, etc. BSD will manage your website development, marketing and social presence.

Customer Care

Customer Care is the heartbeat of your business.  Training, FAQ's and "save the sale" efforts can't be left to chance.  Work with an expert.


If you need help finding a production company for any budget or managing the show creative process, give us a ring and we can help.


Importing and exporting product can be tricky and costly.  With 23 years' experience, BSD can take this off your back and make this process look easy.

Why Choose BSDirect Management?  

It's simple--to get affordable, executive level management without the overhead!


Direct Response Expert

Short term, long term and custom options available to fit your budget


Hands-on management from a respected industry expert with a proven track record as an industry executive


From concept to execution, we will help you develop a strategy based on proven processes and models

Nicky (Nicola) DeLaSalle

Director of Business Development at Havas Edge

Bryan is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a great communicator and loyal partner. His team approach with vendors and commitment to detail ensures not only that a campaign succeeds but that it is optimized. Bryan's understanding of Direct Response marketing is unparalleled and it is this expertise and superior communication that enables each of his vendors to raise the bar.

Bryan Badzin

President - Super Clean

Bryan is one of the hardest working people I've ever worked with. Highly reliable and totally honest, he provides high quality service, while never being a yes man. If he feels I am making a mistake, he tells me, which is a trait that's hard to find. And of course, he knows both the DR industry as well as all the players in it, which allows him to quickly assess problems and determine the best course of action. Finally, having traveled with him to many meetings, he has earned the respect of his peers and colleagues which is a real credit to his talent and consistency. I highly recommend Bryan for anyone looking to run a top-drawer DR campaign.

Ty Morse

CEO - Songwhale

Simply put Bryan is one of the best in the DR business. His diligence, insight, and ability to analyze data allows him to get the most out of each and every campaign that he runs. He is constantly working with his partners to innovate and create cutting edge solutions for the clients he represents. We've had the great fortune of working with Bryan on several DR campaigns and are a better company for it.

George Bayer

COO Television and Executive Creative Director

Bryan Sweeney is a focused professional with a unique combination of commercial and creative perspectives. His ability to truly grasp the solution and prime value in a spot and or a long form is without comparison. His focus on the media, timing, spend and the audience of a show/ infomercial is second to none. Not only do I know my (and or my client's) $$ are being well put to use to exploit all avenues of reach/ sales, I also know the details/ data that follows any test or launch will be a brilliant tool and asset. Bryan is truly an talented inspiration in Direst Response or for that matter, any industry.

Curtis Kleinman

Chief Operating Officer - Swipe

I love working with Bryan. Bryan has a tremendous amount of knowledge and great integrity. He really knows products and how to market them. He fully understands what it takes to successfully market a direct to consumer product. Any client would be lucky to have Bryan Sweeney of their side.

Ed Waingortin

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Having had the privilege of partnering with Bryan at both FitnessIQ and DTVM, he has demonstrated an uncanny vision and first-hand knowledge of the DRTV space. He is able to foresee strategic trends while grasping tactical details. Bryan is a meticulous and demanding client while being equally fair and considerate -- a ideal combination for an excellent partnership that yields outstanding results.

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